At the forefront engaging policy makers and championing the rights of persons with disabilities and their inclusion in governance and development across Nigeria.

Re-orient and acclimatize persons with disabilities, to help them possess the Requisite skill that will accelerate their assimilation into society. The rehabilitation process  includes the provision of ambulatory equipment and other assistive apparatus adaptable for the use of person with disabilities.

 Give scholarship and grants to indigent students with disabilities from primary to tertiary level across Nigeria, so that education will not continue to elude persons with disabilities. Between July 2012 and December 2018, millions of naira have been disbursed by the NAPVID Education fund in scholarships and grants, to put on course the education of 153 indigent students with disabilities.

Forge a working relationship through a consortium of organizations of persons with disabilities and civil society groups to accelerate public actions for inclusive development for persons with disabilities in key areas of our national life such as; education, economic empowerment, political relevance as well as access to public infrastructure and services.


 Promote the vocational training, skill acquisition, gainful employment and economic empowerment of persons with disabilities so that they will be useful to themselves and be an asset to the society our part, we have facilitated the employment of over a hundred and fifty (150) physically challenged persons into the core Civil service at the local, state and federal government levels.